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Recovering the innocence of taken kids 

by fundraising for child rescue projects & organizations


About Quest4Recovery

Last year, nearly half a million children across the country were abducted from their homes or reported missing. It’s a tragedy that no family should ever experience, and we want to help right this wrong.

Quest4Recovery, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization started by 3 friends who want to make a difference. Our goal and mission? To raise funds that support the recovery of children and reunite families.

The idea to start this organization came from a documentary that Kelly Moser saw on the Discovery Channel about another non-profit organization called Project Child Save. The organization consists of Ty Ritter and his group of ex-military men/women. They travel into foreign, hostile, and often corrupt countries and rescue children that have been kidnapped for exploitation purposes. A year later the documentary was shown to other friends, who help started this organization, and a few short months later Quest4Recovery was born. 

Meet the man that inspired us to start our organization. We hope that we inspire you, too.







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